A downloadable game for Windows

You are a Dead Pixel. Discarded from the Gameboy screen and abandoned from your game, all you have left is your ability to feel lonliness. You embark on an epic (note: short and not-epic) quest to reclaim your body and find out why you were left to die.

This is my VERY FIRST game and was created for #gbjam3 - It was made entirely in Game Maker: Studio over the course of a few days. There are a few known bugs, this is really just a short prototype I made as I learned the program.

Player Forms -

1) Pixel. All you can do is move left and right.

2) Legs. You can move left and right and jump.

3) Full character. A bit faster, you can jump higher, double jump, wall jump, and kill enemies!

Controls -

Move - Left and right arrow keys.

Jump - Up arrow keys.

Wall jump - Press the arrow key away from the wall.

Kill Enemy - Jump on head.

Let me know what you think for my first game! Twitter: @David_Jagneaux

Programs and Credits -

All graphics and coding were done from scratch in Game Maker: Studio

All sounds were made from scratch in FamiTracker

Special thanks to heartbeast and Shaun Spalding on YouTube for AMAZING GM:S tutorials and my friends Garrett and Juan for great ideas and feedback!

Install instructions

Download the .exe and play it.


Dead Pixel v0.4 (4 MB)


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Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dac_7lsOVA0

Awesome! Glad you guys enjoyed it. I almost forgot this game existed, then just decided to upload it onto itch.io for fun. Cool to see someone play it :)