A downloadable game for Windows

**The title says it all. This is the Attack of the Space Aliens from Space!**

It's a simple top down vertically scrolling space shooter. Enemies fall towards you and you're tasked with destroying them and racking up the points to progress to the next levels. The core of the game was created over a weekend for #LD48 :)

Currently v0.3 - Only three easy levels and two enemy types. Will continue to work on and update to create new levels, enemies, powers, and more. This is my second ever game, so I am learning as I go.

Enjoy the game and leave comments below!


Movement - Arrow keys left and right

Shoot - Space bar

**Credits** -

Thanks to uHeartBeast for the great YouTube videos, thanks to Jerom on OpenGameArt for the alien sprites, and Jan125 on OpenGameArt for the sweet music! The player ship is modified from a Game Maker resource pack.

Install instructions

This download is the .exe file, it should start up and run easily.


Attack of the Space Aliens from Space v0.3 2 MB


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OK. Not much fun.